Friday, January 21, 2011

winter found me

I am officially out of transition. I tried to hang onto my wool fall-to-winter coat for as long as possible. But when the high is 8 degrees, it makes you rethink your priorities.

So after some sporadic shopping at JCP and Charlotte Russe [two shirts and a sweater for less than 20? how could I possibly resist?] I cleaned out all my drawers and the closet. My drawer was starting to squeak because it was too heavy and I just couldn't find "anything" to wear in the mornings. The results: a much happier megan and two garbage bags for Goodwill filled with good clothes that I never wear [or just don't fit because I have had them since high school. Yup that is my excuse... not my tragic love for chocolate.] So refreshing to be able to find clothes.

Yes, I just showed you my closet. I feel so brave. [and mortified] I am still amazed that Elaine at ClothedMuch can do so much with her limited wardrobe. I get into a rut way too easily. Aren't you impressed with my shirts being filed? I got the idea over at Apartment Therapy. Brilliant.

sweater: JCP
jeans: thrifted, Calvin Klein
boots: Target
necklace: Charlotte Russe