Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I wonder if God got stressed when He made the world [i worry over bread]

Some days....I just do not look cute. Like days when I make bread from scratch. But I still like to think that in a way this displays Classic Femininity. Since I was, you know, classily making bread. [yes, it is quite possible that I am deranged] How do you make bread in a classy way? With flour in your hair of course. There is a reason you can't see my face. Actually, by this time, I had un-bobby pinned my bangs and look somewhat normal.
How I Brought Bread Into Existence

apron: my mom's, Pier 1 Imports
jeans: Old Navy, really old but you don't need to know that
shirt: JC Penney
cardigan: Sears
socks: Target, no nonsense