Wednesday, January 19, 2011

diamonds or no debt?

Today was quite a bit nicer, high of 22--WOOT! Weird how our concept of temperature gets warped through the seasons. I have this awesome necklace. A suitcase and bejeweled camera. Yeah, those are diamonds. [yeah right. If I had diamonds I would sell them to pay off school loans.] I felt fat today, so no high waisted skirt. Comfy jeans that look like dress pants instead [I am so incredibly sneaky...or just lazy] Cafeteria food is not conducive to a well-balanced diet.

My shirt has pockets!! Sorry for that random outburst, but pockets make me happy.

Doesn't my hair look much better today? I washed it. It's really easy, but sometimes I'm too busy. [Gross, I know.]

shirt: Maurice's
cardigan: DressBarn
jeans: DressBarn
shoes: converse [shoe carnival]
necklace: Target