Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Layer Up!

Do you remember those horrible awful, slouchy black boots in my last post? I do. [unfortunately] Well, lucky for me, I have a fabulous mother and she bought me a new pair of boots. They aren't even fabric! Anyway....

I have seen the trend of tights and knee high socks for a long time now. Loved it since I first saw it. Strangely, though, I have never worn it. Well, yesterday after freezing my tootsies [spell check says tortoises] off, I decided to layer up this morning.

Mental note: TOMS are not acceptable footwear in the middle of January. They are now banished to my closet until spring shows its lovely face [hoping--quite delusionally--for March].

Also, I decided to change up my scarf tying abilities. Thanks to Jessica over at What I Wore, which is a fabulous blog I assure you.

shirt: Target?
skirt: Christopher & Banks
tights: Penney's
socks: Target
boots [yay!] Target
scarf: gifted
beret: Target

Have you noticed that I love Target?