Monday, December 20, 2010

totally cheating

I hope someone reads this blog. Because, well, frankly, I find myself kind of hilarious. [i pretend in order to bring my own ego some happiness] I am totally cheating today, I wore this to my second cousin's birthday party, we went bowling! [he is six and absolutely adorable] So yes, this is the SAME sweater, but it's the same day, and I was feeling lazy [i.e. I could not even pick out new clothes for myself]. There is absolutely no guarantee of posting cute clothes over Christmas break because, well, I clean and lounge around all day--not much to doll up for. Which, I know, is just a pitiful excuse.

I've been getting kind of bored of posing, so I decided to jump, but Steve [my handsome 13" macbook pro] doesn't like capturing motion without the effect of looking like a ghost. Alas, only two of the four turned out.

hat: Target
necklace: Charlotte Russe
cami: Maurice's
sweater: JCP
shoes: TOMS
jeans: Maurice's
black half-sweater: Coldwater Creek