Thursday, July 29, 2010

discovery 1 & 2

Skinny jeans:
For years I was basically scared/prejudiced of skinny jeans. "Only skinny girls can wear those. I don't have the right body type." At least that's what I would tell myself. Well I tried some on the other day, more of a joke than anything. And I was pleasantly surprised. I like skinny jeans?!! Oh, I wish I had known this before.

I had tried on a vest before, but never bought one because I wasn't sure if they suited me. Now, I've decided that I will make it suit me. I think that's part of fashion. Even if it isn't the absolute best, you still try it out, change it up a bit, and evolve your own personal style. Today I came across I blog, Already Pretty, where she described her style as arty eclectic with streaks of retro influences. I love that, and thus did the only respectable thing thinkable. I stole it and used it for my description on this blog. Sometimes I wonder if my closet has an occasional identity crisis. I have so many different kinds of clothes, from '50s inspired dresses to converse and skinny jeans. But I'm glad I have a variety: some days I want to dress a little bit more funky, and others I want to pretend to be a 50's housewife in a gingham black and white dress, pearls and heels.

Oh and one more thing, don't be afraid to try a variety of sizes. For example the purple shirt is an XL, but I have a jacket that I wear that is as small as a 4!

vest: Maurice's
gray shirt: target
purple shirt: department store?? (eyeshadow label)
skinny jeans: kohl's
shoes: DSW